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CCell vision


At Zyba, we’re creating a world where ocean waves are transformed to protect coastlines, grow artificial reefs and generate renewable electricity.

We've developed the patented CCell technology, an ultra lightweight wave energy converter, which moves back and forth with the waves and generates electricity.

We use this electricity locally to grow artificial coral reefs in any shape or size from minerals in the water through an electric process known as Biorock and pioneered by our partners, The Global Coral Reef Alliance.

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fxRender™ is the leading way to visualise formulas within Microsoft Excel.

Uses include:

  • Document and Audit Excel calculations with beautiful equations that present your calculations in a clear and concise format.
  • Find Errors with a structured view of the variables and values used in formulae.
  • Publish equations to other applications and websites.
  • Convert Excel formulas to mathematical equations for use in your reports.

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CodeCogs Equation Editor

The CodeCogs Equation Editor can be can be used in a wide range of circumstances to create beautifully formatted mathematical equations in either LaTeX or MATHML.

The editor comes in two core flavours:

  • Standalone Editor
  • This is primarily used to create equations that are then copied into any third-party system, including other websites, blogs, email programs, and desktop applications.

  • Integrated Editor

his is designed to be physically integrated within a website, allowing your users to create equations without leaving your website.

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